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Lifeline Discount: Do not miss out on savings!

Lifeline Discount: Don’t Miss Your Chance Like So Many Others For the past 30 years, the Lifeline Discount has provided discounted phone coverage for qualifying low-income households in the US in an attempt to create equal opportunity for jobs, education, and emergency services. This coverage recently changed when broadband internet and 3G phones were added to the program essentially providing these qualifying consumers with Wi-Fi enabled smartphones and cell phone service or broadband internet at a discounted price or for free. The prog

Bringing Your Own Phone to a Free Phone Network

Bringing Your Own Phone to a Free Phone Network Since 1985, the government has offered discounted or free phone service for qualifying families, known as the Lifeline phone plan. Recently, the standards of that phone service have been modified to include the modernization of technology in the US. Currently, the Lifeline program is obligated to provide a 3G cell phone with hotspot functionality. While the program does provide new phones that meet this requirement for free or at a discounted price, some participants may be wondering if bringing

California Lifeline Program

California is a Good Place to Be Part of the Lifeline Program California provides many things that other states do not, often making things better for the customer yet potentially more confusing as well. This certainly applies to the California Lifeline Program, which, in conjunction with the Federal Lifeline Program, helps qualifying households receive a new cell phone and/or cell phone service at a reduced rate. We’ll try to clarify what exactly the Lifeline program in California does and how to make it easy for you to join. What is t