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Everything You Need to Know about the Lifeline Program!

If you’ve been aware of some of the current government programs that are currently available, you may have heard of the Federal Lifeline program . This program allows individuals who qualify to receive a free used cell phone, along with different services depending on the state they reside in. You may have also heard the phrase “Government Phone” as a euphemism for this program as well. Regardless of what you end up calling this program, you should know that this is an excellent opportunity that not enough individuals are awa

Lifeline- Changing Families Forever

Imagine living a life with extremely limited access to the outside world: no immediate access to breaking news, the inability to research a product or idea you need information on, or the inability to contact your closest loved ones. This is actually the reality for hundreds of thousands of Americans who are financially unable to invest in their own personal cell phone and data plan. Low-income residents of the United States, who generally are at or below the federal poverty levels, face this challenge nearly every day. While a few may find th

What is a Free Government Phone, and How Can I Get One

Who doesn’t love free things? It is safe to say that most individuals within the United States would gladly accept an item that is given to them freely; however, the reality is that in many cases there are usually hidden strings attached. So when you hear about people being able to receive free government phones, it’s likely that you will be somewhat skeptical of these claims. You may be interested to find out that the government does provide a program that offers free phones to lower-income individuals who qualify. About Lifeline

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