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California Lifeline Program

California is a Good Place to Be Part of the Lifeline Program

California provides many things that other states do not, often making things better for the customer yet potentially more confusing as well. This certainly applies to the California Lifeline Program, which, in conjunction with the Federal Lifeline Program, helps qualifying households receive a new cell phone and/or cell phone service at a reduced rate. We’ll try to clarify what exactly the Lifeline program in California does and how to make it easy for you to join.

What is the California Lifeline Program?
The California Lifeline Program adds additional features on top of the Federal Lifeline Program. Lifeline Providers in all states can provide a free cell phone consistent with the current federal requirements (3G with hotspot functionality), but the cell phone service features can vary. Specifically, with FeelSafe Wireless, the California Lifeline program assists in providing either unlimited talk and text each month, or unlimited talk, text, and MMS with 1GB data and 100 international SMS. Some specific details have recently changed in California, which can be found here.

Lifeline Providers also help with the monthly cost of cell phone plans but California is a bit different. Currently the federal government requires that Lifeline providers assist with up to $9.25 on monthly cell phone bills. With the California Lifeline Program, monthly cell phone bills are reduced even further. In addition to the $9.25 from the federal government, California adds up to $13.75 per month.

That’s a total discount of up to $23 dollars per month!

On top of that, California does not require participants of Lifeline to pay certain taxes and fees and also provides a service connection or conversion discount of up to $39 dollars, while the federal Lifelilne provides no such service.

If you qualify for the California Lifeline service but haven’t applied, now’s the time. California helps immensely with providing equal access to communication technology, and you shouldn’t miss out.

How Do I Qualify?
Qualifying for the California Lifeline Program depends on quite a number of factors which can be found at the California Public Utilities Commission website. It’s mostly based on income related data, such as those who participate in food assistance programs or those who simply have a lower income, but please check the details to see which ones apply to you. To find out if you qualify, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at FeelSafe Wireless at 877-247-7799.

How Do I Apply?
The California Lifeline application can be done through the California Lifeline website or through our website at FeelSafe Wireless and is quite simple. After that, we can help provide you with a phone and a highly discounted monthly cell phone bill while still offering excellent service features and add-ons. If you do qualify, there’s every reason to take advantage of all that California has to offer.

California also provides language assistance for the enrollment process for some non-English speakers (Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Tagalog).

Currently over 2 million people participate in the California Lifeline program, but that does not mean that you can’t apply, too. Again, contact us here at FeelSafe Wireless at 877-247-7799 to get started and experience these unbeatable savings sooner.

If you’ve been aware of some of the current government programs that are currently available, you may have heard of the Federal Lifeline program . This program allows individuals who qualify to receive a free used cell phon

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