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Lifeline- Changing Families Forever

Imagine living a life with extremely limited access to the outside world: no immediate access to breaking news, the inability to research a product or idea you need information on, or the inability to contact your closest loved ones.

This is actually the reality for hundreds of thousands of Americans who are financially unable to invest in their own personal cell phone and data plan. Low-income residents of the United States, who generally are at or below the federal poverty levels, face this challenge nearly every day. While a few may find the idea of requiring a cell phone strange, we are finding continually that mobile use is the most important way to communicate in modern times and for the foreseeable future.

Statistics show that nearly 95 percent of all Americans own a cell phone of some kind: this is actually an astonishing piece of data to consider. Unlike other aspects of ownership, such as owning a home or owning your own car, or even a personal laptop, almost 100 percent of the entire population has their own cell phone. The ability to interconnect has never been greater, which is why the government understands the sincere need of cell phones in every individual’s life.

To this end, low-income households that fall at or below the 135 percent federal poverty line have the opportunity to receive a free government phone and a basic usage plan if they qualify. This plan is called the Lifeline Program, and it provides these qualifying users with a free government phone and service. While what you receive in the plan may be more than the government’s base level of service, it will largely depend on what state you live in and what that particular state allows.

Why is this such an important program for low-income families and households? Back in 1985, the Lifeline program was put into action in order to help provide phone and communication services for those who would normally be unable to afford such service. Communication is a necessity for human existence, and technology has always found a way to improve that communication. As we continued to see the usage of cell phones and their access explode over the past decade and a half, the government recognized the need for cell phones as the primary means for communication. This focus had been proven largely correct, as the 95 percent ownership rate of any type of cell phone within the United States highlights.

Families need the ability to have this instant access to communication. This program has the power to change lives for the better, especially when you consider all the positive effects if can bring. Without a cell phone, it’s impossible or at least extremely difficult to be contactable at all times in regards to job searches; communication with potential employers is a big factor when being considered for a new job.

For users who end up with a smartphone and the ability to have access to monthly data plans, searching the web through your phone can yield a vast trove of information and resources that would be otherwise unavailable. Job searching, looking up contact information for doctors and medical specialists, and even being able to contact your family through texting or social media can be a huge aspect of one’s daily life. The Lifeline Program has the ability to improve the lives of families over and over again.

So what exactly would the next steps be in terms of receiving one of these free government cell phones? To begin with, you would need to determine whether you can actually qualify for a phone, and there are two ways: income-based qualifications and program-based qualifications. The income qualifier is strictly dependent on the amount of income you bring in, and whether or not you fall at or below the 135 percent federal poverty line. The program-based qualification is based on if someone within your household already receives government benefits such as SNAP, Medicaid, SSI or others.

The best option is to contact Feelsafe Wireless, where we can help guide you through the steps of the process. Our customer service is second to none, and we are proud to work with the government’s Lifeline Program and providing access to thousands of Americans who would otherwise be unable to invest in their own cell phone.

For more information, please contact us 877-247-7799 to see how you may qualify and to answer any questions you may have regarding the use of the Lifeline Program within your particular state.

If you’ve been aware of some of the current government programs that are currently available, you may have heard of the Federal Lifeline program . This program allows individuals who qualify to receive a free used cell phon

Who doesn’t love free things? It is safe to say that most individuals within the United States would gladly accept an item that is given to them freely; however, the reality is that in many cases there are usually hidden strings attached.

Lifeline Discount: Don’t Miss Your Chance Like So Many Others

For the past 30 years, the Lifeline Discount has provided discounted phone coverage for qualifying low-income households in the US in an attempt to create