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What is the Lifeline Program?

The lifeline program provides qualified low-income consumers with free or discounted phone service. The Lifeline program was established 1985 to ensure everyone has the opportunities and security that phone service provides. With the Lifeline program, every American should be able to communicate with family members, friends, employment and emergency services. The Lifeline program is available to eligible consumers who qualify as a low-income household. The Lifeline program is available in all US states, territories, commonwealths and Tribal lands.

The Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) is responsible for administering and maintaining the Lifeline program. The USAC collects, maintains, supports and distributes information for the low-income Lifeline program. More information as well as program requirements can be found on the USAC website.

Reforms have been made since the induction of the Lifeline program. These reforms include a comprehensive modernization which took place on March 31st of 2016. Click here to read more on the reform. The Lifeline modernization included broadband as a support service in the program. Minimum service standards for Lifeline have also been set to ensure a better value for the services and more thorough eligibility determinations.

Do I Qualify?

You may qualify for the Federal Lifeline Free Government Phone based on your household's income OR if you already participate in certain government assistance programs.

Income-Based Eligibility

If your household's income is at or below 135 percent of the federal poverty guidelines, you may be eligible for a Lifeline Program benefit. If your income is at or below the amount listed in the chart below for your household's size and location, your household may be eligible for a Lifeline Program benefit.

Household Size 48 Contiguous States, D.C., & Territories Alaska Hawaii
1 $17,388 $21,722 $20,077
2 $23,517 $29,390 $27,054
3 $29,646 $37,058 $34,101
4 $35,775 $44,726 $41,148
5 $41,904 $52,394 $48,195
6 $48,033 $60,062 $55,242
7 $54,162 $67,730 $62,289
8 $60,291 $75,398 $69,336
For Each Additional Person $6,129 $7,668 $7,047

Program-Based Eligibility

If you or a family member are enrolled in one of the following programs you may be eligible.

Household Limit

There can only be 1 Lifeline Program benefit per household. The definition of a "household" is anyone living at an address (including children, relatives, people not related to you, etc.) who share income(s) and household expenses.


California customers - please call us at (877) 247-7799

All other customers in our States of operation:

  1. Download and fill out PDF application

  2. Collect Supporting Documents

    If you are using a qualifying program to prove your eligibility, bring proof of participation such as a SNAP card, Medicaid card, or your public housing lease agreement.

    If you are using your household's income (at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines) to prove your eligibility, submit proof of income such as:

    • Current income statement from an employer
    • Prior year's state, federal, or Tribal tax return
    • A Social Security statement of benefits
    • A Veterans Administration statement of benefits
    • A retirement or pension statement of benefits
    • An Unemployment or Workers' Compensation statement of benefits
    • A federal or Tribal notice letter of participation in General Assistance
    • A divorce decree
    • A child support award
    • Other official document containing income information
  3. Submit application:

    By Mail:

    Airvoice Wireless, LLC
    Attention: Lifeline
    2425 Franklin Road
    Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

    By Fax: 248-239-0182